Abhyanga is one of the most popular therapies for the preservation of health described in Ayurveda. It is the process by which the body of an individual is anointed with oil by gentle strokes. According to Ayurveda all people who are healthy (Swastha) and those who wish to have good health and long life span should have Abhyanga on a regular basis. Normally Abhyanga is performed in 7 body positions for duration of 30 to 45 minutes. Regular Abhyanga practice has following benefits: Protects the body from signs of ageing like wrinkles, dryness, loose joints, etc. Prevents vata aggravation and protects the body from degeneration Provides a soft and glossy appearance for the skin Enhances the functioning of sense organs and promotes sound sleep Improves circulation and helps in removing the metabolic wastes and toxins from the body, there by enhancing the overall well-being and health of the body.


Pizhichil or medicated oil bath is an important therapy used in Ayurveda to treat Vata Aggravations in Arthritis and other degenerative conditions. Because of its regenerative potency its used in Rejuvenation treatments. In this treatment specially formulated Ayuredic Oils are poured on to the body followed by a gentle rhythmic massage. Pizhichil also helps in strengthening – bones, muscles, nerves and other connective tissues in the body. Becase of this reason it is used to treat many Neuro – Muscular conditions. It also helps in relieving the pain, spasms and weakness of the muscles. Administration of oil bath with a suitable oil can also improve – skin complexion, body immunity and over all well being.

SHIRO ABHYANGA – Ayurvedic Head Massage

Shiro Abhyanga (Head Massage) is a simple treatment but with excellent benefits. It’s a very relaxing treatment and can improve the sleep in case of insomnia. It could also prevent gray hair, hair fall, and other conditions affecting the hair and scalp. Besides head massage is useful for draining the accumulated toxins from scalp and improve circulation in the scalp, there by nourish the hair from its roots and there by promoting thick shiny hair.

MUKHABHYANGA – Ayurvedic Face Massage

Mukhabhyanga is useful for improving the facial complexion and health of the facial tissues. Face massage could also make the facial skin tight and there by stop wrinkles and other signs of aging. If performed with a suitable oil or cream it could help drain away accumulated toxins from the sensitive facial tissues, which will result in over all youth and vitality of the facial tissues.

SHIRODHARA – Herbal Oil Treatment for Head

Shirodhara is almost synonymous with Ayurveda and it’s the first picture comes to mind when we speak about Ayurveda. Shirodhara is the treatment in which a medicated oil or decoction is continuously poured over the forehead in a rhythmic manner for a certain time period. 

CHAVITTI UZHICHIL – Massage with Feet

Chavitti Uzhichil also comes from Kalari and follows the principles of marma points. It has the similar benefits of Kalari Marma Massage, but it acts at a deeper level.


Kalari Marma Massage is originally practiced by the Kalari people (Kalari – Kerala Martial Art) as a secret method for protecting and revitalizing the energy points in the body known as Marmas. As per Ayurvedic Texts there are 107 marma points (vital energy points), are supposed to be protected and energized for a healthy life. Besides these marma points can result in disease condition if there is any blockages or injuries. Marma Massage has 54 massage sequences, which are performed in a sequence. Marma massage is also known as the “sports massage” from Ayurveda as it can improve body flexibility and strength. Besides it can keep body tissues strong, healthy and protect it from wear and tear as the sports people use their body to the limits.


Elakizhi (Bolus Bag Massage with Herbal Leaves) is performed with cloth bags filled with specially prepared herbal leaves. This is one of the classical traditional massages of Ayurveda. Here the patient will be anointed with suitable oil and will be massaged with the help of the bolus bag on the affected part of the body or the whole body. Various medicinal leaves like Tamarind, Calotropis, Castor, Drum stick, Vietx, Adatoda, Neem, Datura, Eucalyptus etc are used. Improves the strength of the Muscle, bones, joints and associated structures. Useful in treating conditions like, arthritis, paralysis, nuro – muscular conditions, herniated disc, joint pain etc. Very useful as anti-ageing treatment, so is the part of rejuvenation therapies.


Njavara Kizhi is one of the most popular therapies used for the purpose of rejuvenation. A special type of rice called “Navara” is used in this massage, First it is cooked with a mixture of Milk and Bala Decoction (Sida Cordifolia). Its then tied in to a bolus bag and dipped in a warm mixture of milk and Bala Decoction before applying on to the body. During the massage process the herbal rice slowly comes out and is applied all over the body. This massage helps to nourish the body tissues and helps keep the body in perfect condition.


This is another form of Bolus Bag massage in which herbal powders are used. Herbal roots like, dry ginger, ashwagantha (Withania Somnifera), Castor Root (Recinus Communis) Cyperus Roots (Cyperus Rotundus) Cedar Wood, Mustard Seeds, Calamus (Accorus Calamus), Dill Seeds (Anethun Sowa), Rasna (Alpenia Galanga) etc are powdered and is filled inside a cloth bag and is used to massage on to the body after heating it with a suitable oil. This procedure is also useful in arthristis, degenerative condirions, nuro – musculat conditions, weakness of the body etc.